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Worldwide Aviation Agencies provides the following :
Online/Offline Airline Representation
Strategically Located Offices
Skilled and Experienced Staff
· Sales & Marketing
· Reservation
· Ticketing
· Accounting
Airport Handling Supervision/Traffic handling
Hotel and Surface Transportation Representation
In the competitive global economies of today, airline companies strive to achieve business goals with very stringent budgets. These budgets predominantly emphasize on the “Cost to Sales ratio”.

It is recognized that appointing a GSA is the most Cost Effective solution for the airline.

Worldwide Aviation Agencies not only offers a Cost Effective representation; we are also able to market an image that is completely synonymous with that of the airline represented because of our aviation and airline based management.

You will be able to reap the Benefits of a Full Fledge office representation without incurring the potentially enormous cost of managing your own entity.

There are monetary rewards for both parties as you will save on fixed costs whilst we will be driven to sell and market aggressively, as our income is based on commissions on sales.

Worldwide Aviation Agencies provides your airline with reservation & ticketing facilities to support sales activities on the field. A team of skilled agents will answer on your dedicated phone line whilst at all times maintaining your airline’s identity and profile.

Your partnership with Worldwide Aviation Agencies can also benefit from our local specialist knowledge as well as deployment of sales force in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan and Vietnam. Thus, enjoying the strongest level of sales presence at national and regional level.