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WAA Profile:

In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we are represented by Worldwide Aviation Agencies Sdn Bhd. This is a fully owned subsidiary of Aviation Services of Singapore the holding Company.

Worldwide Aviation Agencies was established in 1994 as the GSA arm of Worldwide Aviation Sales Sdn Bhd, the new Company began establishing Ansett Australia as the preferred carrier to Australia from Malaysia. Within a short space of 2 years, Ansett ‘s sales rose from 5 million Ringgit in the first year to 30 million and from a weekly 2 flights schedule to daily. Regrettably, Ansett had to stop all operations at the end of 1997 but even to the last flight, KUL station was profitable.

Worldwide Aviation Agencies is currently the General Sales Agent for Air New Zealand (since 1996), Air Seychelles, Phuket Air and as of 2003 November, Myanmar Airways International.

We established the office of Lauda Air in 1996 and our achievements at Lauda Air have been significant. In 2001, we achieved 27% above the set target and 38% for 2002 respectively. Lauda Air is now known as Austrian Airlines and as of October 2003, Austrian Airlines has daily flights and according to their operating protocol has proceeded to self-handle in Kuala Lumpur.

Myanmar Airways International has three flights a week between KL and Yangoon.

Worldwide Aviation Sales and Worldwide Aviation Agencies worked in tandem over the years to establish a greater awareness for the airlines represented. To date, we continue to serve and grow as we progress over the years.

Through our continuous effort to create awareness of the Airline to consumers through regular meetings with Travel Agents and in actively participating in travel related exhibitions/seminars, we have progressively increased our profile with various governing bodies in the airline industry and have worked closely with the Department of Civil Aviation whenever there are aviation matters to discuss.